by TinyTiltedToaster

Underneath the surface lies a fascinating world that lives and thrives. In this Idle experience your goal is to become the biggest eater of them all. Eat others to gain energy, spend that energy in amazing upgrades and become bigger and bigger. While you grow you are of course allowed to leave and come back at any time to collect your wonderful idle reward.

Have fun and enjoy the wusel!

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorsGonios, Jan Hobi, manolo.wi
TagsIdle, underwater


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creature size 9 and auto= almost getting nothing once u get auto it stops responding to manual

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I find the pathing infuriating. I can't just move 2 inches to the side, I have to do 3 circles around and by the time that's done the food is already off screen.

Update: I assume that was probably done to make the automation part look nice.

...I didn't even realise there was manual movement control.

Put the cursor where you want to go, keep it in front of your character by a few inches. Keep clicking to keep him going straight towards the cursor. Stop clicking and he goes into semi-circle mode.  Each click is a steer to his left or right. So keep it in the middle and keep clicking.


A wonderful game. Very relaxing but also exciting. Just watch the miracle of life (eat and be eaten) and let your mind wander. Perfect! 10/10 I'm actually working on my new idle game right now, but at the moment I'm considering giving up my "career" and retiring. :-)


Great! I love it!


10/10 so much fun i completely enjoy how long this is I can just let it idle and do my work